As a divorced woman I began my journey of self-discovery. I sought the aid of an excellent traditional therapist for a few years and found it helpful. However, it was not until I became involved with the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method that I was absolutely able to release the unfinished business of my life. Through the process I learned to own my story, truly forgive myself, and those in my past who caused me pain.


Today I walk through life with confidence speaking MY truth, and live joyfully in the present moment. My dream is to share what I have learned so others can learn to deal with issues from their past or present life and live an empowered, joyful life as their authentic self.

My name is Jan Newman and I want to share my story with you so you will understand why helping others on their journey is so important to me.

As I approached my 5th decade on this planet I recognized the fact that I never had a chance to figure out who I was as an individual.


Due to my circumstances I was never encouraged to make my own decisions or to establish my own value system.  Unfortunately,

I lived many years going through the motions of life without having an understanding of my true self. 

Jan was a great coach for me.  She dialed right into my issue with clarity and sensitivity.  I was able to get to the core of the work I needed to do, and in the end, felt lifted and free of the old energy that had been holding me back.  Thank you Jan.

Chris - Colorado