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Silhouette of person and horse

Equinox Insight Coaching offers various formats to fit the needs of all women.  

Below are the opportunities available which may fit individual or group needs. 

All activities involving horses will be done on the ground, therefore no horse knowledge or experience is needed to participate.  Dress comfortably and for your safety please wear closed toed shoes.

Silhouette of person and horse

Weekly Groups


Women's Wisdom Group (without horses) and Weekly Connection Circle (with horses) both offer women time to experience a unique healing process. 


The coaching technique enables participants to deepen self-awareness, create balance in their life and strengthen connections to other women in a fun and creative way.


The equine's interaction combined with positive coaching, somatic awareness and Gestalt methodology, opens the door for group members to create more joy in their life.  

Women's Healing Circle
Individualized Coaching Session
Individualized Coaching Sessions

An individualized session may be appropriate for one person, a couple or a family.  Sessions involve working with your human coach and your equine coach.  Sessions can be scheduled for 90 minutes, half-day or a full day.  Sign up to work on a specific issue or just come out to explore what comes up for you in the present moment.  

Weekend Restorative Retreat​


This retreat provides women the opportunity to escape the all-consuming routine of their daily lives and to focus on their personal needs for an entire weekend. As women we are expected to wear many hats and to be successful in the various roles we play: wife, mother, care giver, and professional, just to name a few.  It is not a selfish act to take care of one's self.  In fact, the opposite is true. The better we take care of our own needs the better we will be able to care for others. What better way to restore your well being than connecting with horses and other women who understand what you are going through because they too feel overwhelmed by their daily lives.  

If you are feeling depleted and wanting to find a balance in your life, live more joyfully and feel supported, join us for a weekend of restoration. 

Lady with horse after successful session
Small Group Coaching

One Day Empowerment Workshop


This workshop offers a fun and experiential way to deepen your self awareness and strengthen your connection to other women. The group brings together people interested in
self-discovery and personal growth.  


Gestalt methodology combined with the keen perception of the horses is what makes this workshop powerful.  This is an experiential process in which group members support each other as they actively participate in their own personal work. 

Personalized Country Retreats

We welcome individuals or groups such as friends, couples, families, clubs, companies, service organizations, care givers etc. You choose a topic or theme, then we provide a one-of-a-kind experience just for you or your group. Retreats can be scheduled for a few hours, a full day or multi-day workshops. No horse experience is necessary.

Telephone Coaching

This type of coaching can help you achieve specific goals and is also an excellent avenue to continue coaching sessions after an individual session.

Jan has such a calming presence and creates a safe  space in which her clients can discover their truth and find a new path forward in wholeness.  Jan is an amazing EGC coach.

Sue - Washington

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