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All activities involving horses will be done on the ground, therefore no horse knowledge or experience is needed to participate.  Dress comfortably and for your safety please wear closed toed shoes.

Silhouette of person with horse
Silhouette of person with horse

Eqinox Insight Coaching offers a powerful workshop for youth ages 10 – 16. The goal is to help adolescents examine their self-image and learn to express their emotional needs to others. The program boosts self-esteem and empowers participants to apply what they learn. Members of the group awaken the Hero within and are able to use their personal powers with confidence.

The workshop may be delivered in three different time formats depending on the needs of your group: 

Children experiencing love of horses.
  • 3 Day:

    • 6 hours on the first and second day with the last 

    • 3  hour session held on the third day

  • 5 Day:

    • One 3 hour session each consecutive day

  • 5 Week:

    • One 3 hour session once a week (least effective

The workshop may have between 3 – 6 participants.

Invite family, friends, classmates, etc. to form your own group.


Children engaged in a horse activty
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