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My coaching style is direct, yet compassionate. My horses are now my partners in this process.  They too help clients to live with clarity and joy.

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“Harley” is a 14 year-old American Quarter Horse who came into my life several years ago.  Her previous owner was a barrel racer, but Harley’s heart just was not into competition.

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Peanut  is an old soul who loves kids and anyone else that will give him love and belly scratches. 

In my very first session I poured a load of grief on Jan, and her kindness and compassion was exactly what I needed. Her skill  was expertly executed, despite my resistance to the process, Jan encouraged me to let my grief flow freely and though I did not fully cooperate, her support and holding space for me was exactly what  I needed.  Thank you from my heart, Jan!

Amanda - Colorado

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