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Horses have served humankind for thousands of years. They have supported humans in many endeavors such as: war, transportation, law enforcement, agriculture, industry and science.  Over the years these majestic beings have engaged in sports and personal entertainment.

With the domestication of horses a special bond with human beings has been created.

Beautiful horse showing expression
Two horses communicating with each other
Horse with beautiful sunset in the background

Prey animals have a heightened sense of perception – it is how horses have survived in the wild for millions of years.  They read the world through the vibrations created by energy. Everything is made of molecules which carries energy.  Human beings are composed of many energy centers.


These centers are referred to as “chakras.”  Horses have the natural ability to locate blockages throughout these chakras.  In essence they will, if given the opportunity, show us what is blocking our path.  This gift empowers clients to take an honest look at their inner selves. 

When clients reach this step in the coaching process their equine coach offers unconditional love and acceptance.  Horses live in the present moment.  They hold no guilt or shame from the past and they do not fret about the future.  They accept what is true NOW and nourish your soul by encouraging you to do the same.

The time has come for humans to recognize that horses are extraordinary, sentient beings and are willing to help humans on a deep, personal level. When you participate in Equine Gestalt Coaching you will feel a shift within your being and you will experience life in a more positive way.

Come out for a session and see what the horses have to say to you!

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