Although coaching is not therapy, it helps people move forward in their lives. The process may include, but is not confined to, overcoming limiting beliefs,establishing or aligning values, setting personal or professional goals, and creating a plan to achieve those goals.  

Jan is an incredible soul who is meant for this work.  Her kindness and compassion made her the perfect coach for me.  She really cares about her clients. I'd love to work with Jan again!

Daelyn  - Colorado

Gestalt coaching helps bring clients’ awareness from deep within the subconscious to a level at which the wound can be released by the body on

a cellular level. Once this happens true healing occurs and life’s path is more joyful. A coach can help you discover the answers you are searching from within.


Coaching promotes personal awareness so that you are able to recognize what is true for you. Coaching supports your efforts to fully thrive rather than just survive on your life’s journey.

How does all of this happen?

Horses healing Humans

"People come and go, but horses leave hoof prints on your heart forever"


A coach will help to identify things that are keeping you stuck and provide tools for unblocking your path. Often it is something in our subconscious that is blocking our journey. 

Emotional wounds continue to cause us pain until healed. Unlike a cut or a bruise, time alone will not heal an emotional wound. In time we may hurt less, but we cannot heal an emotional wound cognitively. As long as we attempt to forget, ignore or dismiss our emotional wounds from our consciousness there will be no healing. This type of hurt must be healed from within.

My training in the Equine Gestalt Method embraces a co-active approach. Myself and the horses are equal partners with my clients.  I am not an expert who dishes out advice, rather an active participant in the process the client is experiencing. Clients clarify their needs and discover their own answers, which are hidden in the subconscious part of the brain. The process provides an emotionally safe space where confidentiality is a priority. Helpful tools are shared with clients to use to improve their daily lives. I assist clients in understanding the communication coming from their equine coach.