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What is Gestalt?

The word Gestalt originated in the German language.  The closest English translation is the word “whole.” Gestalt is a positive, effective, therapeutic approach, which empowers people to focus on immediate thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This process leads to increased awareness enabling clients to gain clarity and insight. Gestalt coaching sessions are experiential in nature and can bring about powerful changes by offering a safe space to explore difficult feelings, expose limiting beliefs and create action plans.

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Equine Gestalt Coaching Method

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method is a co-active approach empowering others to become their best self. The method was developed by Melisa Pearce in 1989. The coach partners with horses to help bring answers into the client’s awareness through experiential and creative activities. The combination of the horse’s natural healing powers, positive coaching, bodywork, and Gestalt method provides the means to examine life choices and assists the client to live a more joy filled future.

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